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Why warm up the refrigerator before driving in winter?

2020-02-24 14:28:06

As a necessary tool for cold chain transportation, refrigerated vehicles are needed even in winter. However, we must warm up the refrigerated vehicles before driving them in winter. Why is this? Many small partners are very clear. After reading this, I hope it can help you.

New year's day has passed, which shows that both the north the South have really entered the winter. The temperature in winter is low. Whether it's refrigerated vehicles other special vehicles, customers friends must understand the situation of winter vehicles, which is conducive to the maintenance of the service life of refrigerated vehicles vehicles. The difference between refrigerated vehicles other special vehicles is that there are multiple compressors, the engine drives two compressors at the same time, so they are operating need special attention in use.

The driver of the refrigerator car first warms up the car, then drives it, because the weather is getting colder colder now. If the car is warm starts to drive directly, it will cause great damage to the engine. Due to the low temperature in winter, the normal operating temperature of the engine is about 90 ℃, which forms a huge temperature difference. If you drive directly on the road at this time, it will seriously affect the operation of the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to warm the car in winter.

The so-called warm-up means that after the engine is started before the start-up, the scene is on the spot, for example, one two minutes, so that the engine gearbox can be warmed up.

Warm up for a while, but in three minutes. Warm the car in winter in place for no more than three minutes. After the first minute, it can be slower, but too fast. This can ensure that the hot car is even consistent, will hurt, also protect the engine very well. Don't turn on the heating after getting on the bus.

In winter, many car owners rush to drive when they get on the bus. In fact, this is wrong. The heating of the refrigerator car gets heat the waste heat of the engine. As soon as it arrives, the refrigerator car is in the warm-up stage, which is the normal operating temperature, so turning on the warm air will increase the circulating circuit of the cooling water, which increases the warm-up time.

When the engine runs at low temperature for a long time, the fuel consumption will increase greatly due to the high concentration of the mixed gas. Therefore, do rush to use warm air after driving, which will only cost oil, but also heating effect.

So we must remember to warm up the refrigerator car in winter, only in this way can we ensure that our refrigerator car can run smoothly, also can prolong the service life of the refrigerator car to a large extent.

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