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Introduce the features of the refrigerator car structure

2020-02-24 14:31:08

Refrigerated vehicles are equipped with special transport vehicles, refrigeration equipment incubators, which are used to transport frozen food (refrigerated vehicles), dairy products (milk trucks), fruits vegetables (fresh transport vehicles), vaccines (vaccine drug transporters).

The refrigerator car consists of the traveling part of the chassis, the box part (made of fiberglass, color steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel other materials), the part of the thermal insulation layer (usually polyurethane), the refrigeration unit, temperature recorder, etc. For vehicles with special requirements, such as meat hook car, you can install meat hook, aluminum alloy guide rail, ventilation slot other auxiliary equipment.

Manufacturing technology in domestic large-scale refrigerated rooms, refrigerated car manufacturers all adopt layered assembly of "sandwich" plate bonding technology, internal external composite skin, such as glass plate, color steel plate, aluminum alloy materials, etc. The inner plate materials should be transported with different materials, the expensive inner plate should be stainless steel plate. The sandwich is insulation material, polyurethane foam material is adopted. The four side uses a high strength adhesive glass plate polyurethane foam material to form a sealing plate, a spray foam type an integral frame, which is full of foam type.

Different goods have different requirements for car body. For example, refrigerated trucks need customized carriages to transport fresh meat hooks; store goods distribution, small batch, multi-layer refrigerated trucks need refrigerated trucks; on demand, temperature loading unloading of goods need frequent, multi door refrigerated trucks.

The power supply the refrigerator can be divided into two types: independent non independent units. Independent units have a separate power supply, the difference is a completely independent unit maintenance power; non independent refrigeration unit is completely driven by the power of the car engine.

Refrigerator car refrigeration unit is usually installed in the front of the container, the top of the shape of the air conditioner, but the refrigeration capacity is larger than the same volume of the air conditioner. Generally speaking, all types of cars are equipped with external refrigerators, a small number of mini refrigerators use built-in refrigerators. For refrigerated vehicles with low temperature requirements, cold plates can be used in the cabinet. The refrigeration capacity of refrigeration unit has different power according to the selection of refrigerated container cargo transportation volume temperature.

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