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Jg5100xlc4 refrigerator car

2020-05-12 11:56:41
Jg5100xlc4 refrigerator car

Our company is an authorized agent for cold king in Southwest China, responsible for the sales service of truck trailer units. Globally unified process quality inspection standards to meet all refrigeration needs.

Our company is also an authorized distributor service provider of CIMC. CIMC group has the production technology equipment of national thermal insulation box board, has obtained many national patents, such as the technology of making special green environmental protection car body with composite materials the new technology of quick change container transport vehicle. Company tenet: quality is the foundation, serving customers.

Project parameters

Product name / announcement model: Zhongji National Road refrigerator / jg5100xlc4

Mass (kg): rated load mass: 4600, 4200 curb mass: 5205, 5605 total mass: 10000

Inner dimension of cargo box: 6935 × 2135 × 2000mm

Vehicle length, width height: 8995 × 2350 × 3370mm

Engine: 4kh1-tcg40 139kW Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd

Number of axles / wheelbase: 2 axles / 5200mm

Tire specification: 235 / 75r17.5-14pr, 8.25-20-14pr, 8.25r20-14pr

Chassis configuration: with direction assistance, air conditioning, air brake

Configuration of refrigerated compartment: container size: 6935 × 2135 × 2000mm, volume: 29.6m³, all insulated compartments are made of 60-80mm thick high-density polyurethane, inside outside of the compartment are made of glass steel plate, the bottom plate is made of patterned glass steel plate, the insulation performance reaches the national AAA standard, all door frames door trims are made of stainless steel.

Refrigerating unit: lengwang sv600 (temperature controllable - 18 ℃, optional heating standby)

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